Wednesday 30 March 2016

How is it that I always forget about the way Nicholai is on holidays? And then the first day comes and oh yeah, you’re like that.

Talk talk talk talk talk. Sometimes he can be quite interesting, or at least he comes out with interesting facts, but then there are things like the imaginary SES/police/postal service set up for his imaginary country, and I could do without his lectures on that.

It was so fun today, I did a video chat with the twilight girl! Triauna, actually, but since I got to know her through Twilight fanfic I’ve always called her Twilight Girl when I tell Troy about what she’s been doing and the name has stuck. We’ve been emailing and messaging since July 2012, so she probably knows me as well as anyone but we’ve never actually spoken until today. It wasn’t planned today either – we were chatting over messenger and she was telling me that she doesn’t sound really Texan, so that made me think we should video chat so I could hear her. And well, it turned out that setting it up through google was really way easier than I thought it would be. Anyway, she really doesn’t sound all stereotypically Texas but it was still all very American, although I think she was equally amused by my Australian accent. I admit I felt kind of like an idiot, and I hadn’t brushed my hair so it was all sticking out in that electrocuted sort of way, but I’m still glad we did it.

In other noteworthy news of the day, Emmanuella got her braces off! I didn’t know what to expect, but it was actually quite quick and simple. The orthodontist snipped off the wires and then used his pliers to yank the brackets off her teeth and it was done. He took longer chiselling all the glue off and polishing up her teeth after that, and then he did a mould of her teeth to make her plate. She was a little bit teary at the end of it when she was rinsing her mouth – the mould had made her gag and she wasn’t able to breathe well with it in her mouth, and then when she got up to rinse her mouth her mouth was all bloody from him cleaning her teeth. But I gave her a hug and she was fine after that. Her teeth look so straight and white! She also said her teeth feel really weird, all ‘thin’, but she was able to bite into an apple this afternoon for the first time in almost a year so she enjoyed that.


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