Tuesday 29th March 2016

Well, the Easter weekend is over now – Troy goes back to work tomorrow and the children and I will be enjoying the school holidays.

Well, after we go to the orthodontist in the morning we’ll be enjoying holidays! Although Emma is supposed to be getting her braces off, so she may find this a more pleasant orthodontist visit than usual. Not that she’s really minded having braces. Apart from not being able to eat apples without cutting them up first and it taking longer to brush her teeth, she hasn’t found the braces to be a bother. Her teeth look great now – I’m glad we were able to scrounge the money together for the whole orthodontia ordeal.

Easter Sunday was good at mum and dad’s place. We had lunch with Lee and Rhiannon and their families. Unfortunately for me Lee’s baby didn’t decide to arrive while we were there, so I will likely miss out on seeing it as a tiny new baby.

We drove home yesterday, and apart from Troy being tyrannical with the music and skipping half the songs I like it was an easy drive. I did some knitting and finished the cabled beanie I was making for Troy, so everyone took it in turns to wear that, ha ha ha. It turned out pretty well – I made a mistake on the cables in one section but the way it is centred makes it look as though I could (maybe) have done it on purpose. Probably no one will ever notice anyway, but I know it’s there and it’s wrong! So I might donate this hat and make Troy one that’s perfect.

The children were good in the car. Really, the children were good all weekend – I love that we can take them places and they’ll pretty much behave themselves nicely! Even the dog behaved herself…I’m proud of my little family.

Speaking of being proud of them, Nicholai walked himself to footy training this afternoon. This meant he crossed the road at the roundabout alone – this is not something that he’s felt confident in doing or that we’ve felt confident in letting him do before this, but now he can which is excellent! It means he’ll be able to get himself to footy training on the nights when I have to leave earlier to take Jericho to hockey and can’t drive him.

We had both the parcels I’d wanted to be delivered before Easter delivered today, of course. Two boxes – I don’t know why they sent the yarn in a box instead of a normal padded envelope, I didn’t buy that much. The Target box was big though, and it was like Christmas pulling everything out. Well, Christmas for Nicholai anyway. He got a million things and the others only got pyjamas. But they all liked them and went to bed looking all fresh and cosy. We also had the new parts that we needed to fix our bed delivered so Troy put them on too…fingers crossed that now I can roll over in bed without all the slats falling through with a crash and giving me a heart attack.


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