Friday 25th March 2016

It’s Good Friday today, although since no one here went to Mass it didn’t really feel like anything special. It made me remember when we used to live at Glenthompson and go to Mass every week, and at Easter we all got parts in reading the Passion. I remember being Pontius Pilate and a bystander and Peter – “Not I, surely!”

We drove up here to Mum and Dad’s yesterday. The kids finished school early and Troy left work a bit early too, so we packed our stuff and left around 4. It is so much easier to pack now that the kids can do their own bags and gather the books they want for the car! They’re pretty good on the drive too. Yesterday Soren did ask “how much longer?” more times than I felt was necessary, and Nicholai did complain about the music selection (what’s wrong with Taylor Swift?) but apart from that they were really good. For the first time since we first got a portable dvd player when Nicholai and Emma were little we didn’t have any movies on the way up – the kids read their books while there was still enough light and then listened to music.

I taught yesterday morning, which went well. I’ve really enjoyed it this term. I think I spent so much of last year feeling depressed and dragging and I just couldn’t get interested in anything, and planning and teaching felt like such a monumental task that there was no true enjoyment in it. It feels a lot different this year. I also love having my own space! We have some vocab posters up, and Soren’s grade did a “when I grow up I want to be…” page (in Indonesian of course) with illustrations and we put all those up on the wall. The two middle grades were doing transportation and we made some long posters (I am loving my Ikea roll of paper) where the kids drew pictures of different kinds of transportation and then cut them out and glued them onto the big paper, where we’d drawn roads and water and sky. They’re up too, so the room looks busy and the kids get to show off what they’re learning.

The room is also going to be used for music, so there are a couple of bookcases of musical instruments. I was fiddling with them yesterday and thought that they’d be good to use to get the kids’ attention when they’re being loud, so I don’t have to just yell over the top of them. The maracas are probably the more reasonable choice, but I was so tired of the kids in Soren’s grade not listening that I smashed the cymbals together and petrified them all into silence.

We also won a prize in the school Easter raffle, which was great. It was a basket made up of a whole bunch of things – a box with some Transformers figurines, a paint-a-plaster-Easter-bunny craft kit, wine, pancake mix and cinnamon syrup, a set of four cups, soap, shower gel and body lotion, and a bag of tiny Lindt eggs (my favourite, ha ha ha). Jericho and Soren were really excited to win, we often just sell the raffle tickets at the office and don’t have any in for ourselves, so we haven’t won any raffles for years.

Today has just been pretty casual really. I went and visited Lee this afternoon, but Troy and the children just stayed here at Mum and Dad’s place. They watched Harry Potter, and Troy and Emma made pretzels – I had a little piece of one to try when I got home, but I have to admit I wished there had been more! I might have to try and convince them to make them again.


One thought on “Friday 25th March 2016

  1. Hahahha Craig and I are both laughing because I was telling him all about the plays at Easter and there was always that line when Peter denied Jesus for the third time and said “not I surely”” hahahha too funny. I hope you have a lovely visit. Don’t tire out the old cheese’s too much ( haha I never call them that I just thought it sounded funny!!! Love Elle xoxo

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