Wednesday 23rd March 2016

I took Emmanuella to hockey training tonight. It was a lovely evening to sit outside and knit while I watched her, although it makes me feel SO lazy – that coach definitely works them hard! She enjoys it though, which is really good to see. She never enjoyed PE or sports at school, so I’m glad that she’s found something outside of school that she’s interested in.

She’s funny to talk to in the car though. I think, as much as hockey is going to take over our lives next term, I’ll be grateful to it for the opportunity it’s going to give me to spend some good time talking to the kids in the car.

I cast on for Troy’s hat while I was watching. Well, I actually messed up the ribbing on the cast on edge I’d done at home in preparation for hockey, so I ripped it all out and had to start again. I bought a hat pattern that I love for him, but after only a few rows in I think that I’ll make another one for him. I want it to be perfect, and this black yarn that I’m using (freebie from BWM) I already don’t like that much. It’s kind of fuzzy, and black isn’t going to show up the cables anyway. I’ll finish it, but I suspect it will end up in my KOGO box for donation and I’ll use different yarn to make Troy the beanie of my visions.

I finished the baby blanket yesterday, and after it had been washed and dried I have decided that I love it. The stockinette/reverse stockinette patterns looks great, and the bamboo/wool yarn is so soft and slinky and squishy it’s hard to resist. Being a donation I’ll never know where it finds a home, but I hope that the mum and baby like it.

It’s the last day of term tomorrow, yay! I’ll work in the morning, and then the kids finish early and we’re on holidays! I’m hoping it’s a good holiday. Jericho really struggled to settle down over the Christmas break but he’s seemed on a bit more of an even keel recently, so I’m hopeful that he’ll enjoy having more time at home to play. Nicholai has seemed a little stressed too, so I think he’ll do well with a break. Ems and Soren are really just cruising along at the moment, they’re enjoying school and they’ll enjoy the holidays and it’s all great!

Honestly, I’m really enjoying the kids at the moment – they’re all so smart and funny and growing up so much! Digging out those photos for the photo of the day on the weekend just made me laugh to see them all so little and cute. Nicholai was seven there, Emma five, Jericho two/three and Soren was a baby…we’ve come a long way.


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