Saturday 19 March 2016

With the cooler weather looming, we faced the rather daunting task of going through all the children’s clothes today, making them try on all their winter clothes and deciding what still fits, what doesn’t, what can be passed down and what’s too worn. It felt like it took forever. At least they can put their own clothes on an off nowadays, I still remember trying to do this to a wiggling, whining three year old and that was NOT fun!

Anyway, at least it’s done now. They all needed new pyjamas, which I usually expect, and Jericho will need new school pants, t-shirts and a jumper. Nicholai needs EVERYTHING, since the only winter clothes he owns that fit are two pairs of school pants. (Which will only fit once I take them hem down, actually). And with the wonderful invention of online shopping, I’ve bought most of what we need already, although it won’t be delivered for a few days. As long as it gets here before the end of the week it will be fine, since we might need some warm pyjamas or long pants to take to mum and dad’s at Easter.

I caught Emma out last night. I checked Instagram, and who should have posted a picture only five minutes before? Why yes, my daughter who should have been soundly asleep by that time of night! In truth, Troy and I just laughed at the time – I don’t want her doing it, but it’s hardly the worst thing in the world. Then this morning I said to Emma, “Is there something you want to confess to me that you were doing last night?” and she burst into tears, so I think she was being a little troubled by a guilty conscience! I think we’ll probably make a new rule that the ipad (and phone, and laptop) stay out in the loungeroom of a night, just to eliminate the temptation, but I really didn’t give her a hard time. She’s such a good girl generally, it’s always a little amusing when she does anything that’s even a little bit naughty or rebellious!


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