Friday 18 March 2016

I don’t write as much about Nicholai these days, as he’s doing so well and he’s also getting older and I’m more conscious about his privacy. However I feel the need to record that last night he came out of bed pretty upset, and after we gave him hugs and asked him what was wrong he sat down and told us, “I’m having an existential crisis about what happens when you die. And not you you, I mean me.”

It was such a funny statement, but I couldn’t even laugh because he was so stressed about it. He has actually been a bit more worried and anxious over things recently, so I’m glad it will be the holidays soon. I think a little time off will do the child good.

Beautiful cold and rainy weather today – finally felt like autumn and I couldn’t be happier with it. I spent most of the day just hanging out at home, doing more knitting on my baby blanket, chatting online…just easy stuff. We went and had dinner with Troy’s parents and that was good – Steve is teaching Nicholai to barbecue so that’s a good skill for the child to acquire. Between that and the home ec he’s doing at school this semester he should be quite capable soon.


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