Thursday 17th March 2016

Jericho can be really amusing at times. When I picked them up from school today he wanted to tell me about a story he had to write. He said they were given the theme “change”, and so I asked him what sort of change he had written about, thinking that he’d say something a bit abstract about changing feelings or opinions or seasons or something. Instead he looked at me and said seriously, “I wrote about a change of pants.”

It just cracked me up. I mean his story is wildly imaginative, because the change of pants involves changing an ordinary pair of pants for the PANTS WITH POWERS! but just the blunt way he had of delivering the line “change of pants” was hilarious.

I took him to hockey training tonight. I think in some ways driving them to hockey will be good, since it gives us a chance to talk in the car. I even let Emma sit in the front yesterday, ha ha ha! We are so mean about that, but I honestly just can’t bear to give them another thing to fight about so I refuse to have a “whose turn is it for the front?” battle. Although admittedly I won’t let any of them sit there under twelve, so it’s just Emma and Nicholai and the amount of times I would drive with only those two in the car is really negligible.

Jericho’s hockey training was a little confusing, since they were running training for the under 10s team and Hook into Hockey simultaneously and there was a bit of overlap there. But he seemed to have a good time, and he said that “my skills haven’t deserted me” and his new hockey stick was good.

I’m so tired though. I taught this morning, and then it’s going to take me a little while to adjust to this new hockey schedule. At least teaching went well though, we did some good activities and the kids did some really good work.

Don’t forget about Nicholai and the World’s Best Flag!


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