Tuesday 15th March 2016

Back to school and work today for Troy and the children, so I was home alone. I did some writing, which I haven’t done in ages – I have been too invested in watching Toddlers and Tiaras and crocheting my blanket! But now I’m out of episodes and the blanket is done, so hopefully I will get a bit more writing done now.

I wonder if anyone ever feels that they have enough time to do the things they want to do? I know that I have loads of time compared to most people, certainly much more than I used to when I had small children at home, but I still wish I had more time for writing and reading and knitting and planning for work. I have so many things I want to make, and I won’t even live long enough to read all the e-books I have stashed away on my computer. I suppose there’s nothing to do but prioritise and be grateful for the amount of time I do have for indulging hobbies.

I’ll probably have some regular knitting time over the next few months, with the kids playing hockey. Jericho and Emma are both playing, but this year their training will be on different days. So at the moment we’re looking at Nicholai having football on Tuesday, Soren swimming on Wednesday, Emma having hockey training on Wednesday, Jericho having hockey training on Thursday, Emma having a hockey game on Friday, and Nicholai having a football game on Sunday. I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to fit in having dinner around this schedule! Hockey training being forty five minutes away just kills me, and the games are even further than that. But there’s nothing to be done, and there will no doubt be a lot of time hanging around while the kids train and play, and that’s usually good knitting time.

Jericho and Soren are both doing the reading rainbow at school this year, where they document every night that they read and then count the nights to move along the rainbow. In the past we have completely failed at this, not because we didn’t read but just because I could never remember to write it down! I mean, reading is just what you DO, it’s not something special that you sit down and do for a timed period so you can write it in your reading book! Anyway, I was determined to do a better job with it this year and we all started off so well, but it’s come crashing down. Jericho hasn’t written in his book for a week and a half, despite reading every single morning and night, and Soren has gone and lost his book altogether, so there’s not a scrap of evidence that he has read at all this year!

It’s embarrassing how disorganised we can be. I honestly thought that I’d be on top of things as a school parent, considering I was a teacher and all and once upon a time I was quite organised, but it really hasn’t turned out that way at all. I have a hard time remembering to sign forms and scrounge up enough money to pay for things and hand them back to school at the right time. Fortunately for me (some of) the children are quite responsible. They all make their own lunches, and Nicholai and Emma manage their homework and remember their PE gear on the appropriate days without my help now, which is lovely. Although Soren did inform me today, in a very disapproving voice, that he is one of only two people in his grade that have to make their own lunch and the other child who makes his lunch is allowed to choose his own snack – clearly I’m doing it wrong.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 15th March 2016

    • I never did either! And actually, I never deliberately set out to have the children make their own lunches. I used to do it, but what happened was that Nicholai and Emma wanted to pack their schoolbags before I had made their lunches, and so I told them if they were in such a hurry they could make it themselves…so they did. And kept on doing it. And then when Jericho started in prep he just made his own lunch because the others did, so it all just came about through default!

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