Monday 14th March 2016

We’ve really had a very low-key long weekend, but it’s been nice to just relax. Well, the kids and I mostly relaxed, Troy was very busy and productive and sorted out crap in the kitchen and did a whole bunch of other stuff…it made me feel so lazy!

I did some knitting, but that always feels more like messing around than being productive. Which is stupid actually- what’s more productive than producing an actual object? And considering I finished my beautiful rainbow blanket yesterday, that’s a lovely object to have! I also worked on my sock for a bit, and I went through some of my stash of yarn and found a few balls of a beautiful bamboo/wool blend that I’m going to knit up into a baby blanket.

I’ve always thought I should do something useful with my time now that I don’t have kids at home during the day, like volunteer or something, but I’m very hesitant to commit to something. I guess because of my bipolar I don’t trust my own ability to follow through on something like that, and I’m scared of adding a potentially stressful obligation to my life. However knitting/crochet is something that I can do on my own time, and I’ve found a group that collects knitting and then distributes it to charities as needed. This group accepts donations of basically anything (baby blankets/baby clothes/ hats/ scarves/ toys/ mittens etc) so knitting for them won’t be boring and I can use up random balls and ends of yarn. They were also the only charity I could find that had drop-off points for goods that I can get to, which means I won’t have to pay postage to send them things. I’ll have to buy the yarn, but within reason we can manage that (although Jean also told me she’s happy to chip in and buy some for me too, which was good of her). Anyway, it’s just something that I want to try and do this year, so we’ll see how it goes.

The finished blanket!

This one shows the colours better. It was basically a super simple ripple, with four rows of each colour and ten colours in all, with two rows of black for the border.


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