Saturday 12 March 2016

I discovered something terrible about the Anne of Green Gables version that Soren borrowed from the library. Instead of smashing a slate over Gilbert’s head, she whacks him in the head with a geography book. It’s not the same thing at all! I found this out because I had been telling Jericho and Soren all my favourite parts, and Anne being called carrots and breaking her slate over Gilbert’s head ranks all-time #1. So I inspired Jericho enough that he went and read the chapter and told me about the geography book. I have to admit the children found my disgust pretty amusing, but I was just so surprised! I mean, I suppose even my kids didn’t know what a slate was so perhaps it was changed just for that reason, but it’s not like kids can’t figure it out from the rest of the book what a slate is used for.

This humidity is killing me, and it’s meant to continue for the next few days. It just makes everything feel so blah, and crocheting the blanket with it draped over my lap isn’t all that pleasant. I’m actually really close to finishing it though, so I will probably just keep going. Although once I finish it I’m going to have to wait for some weather cool enough to make me want to use it, and god knows when that will be.

Troy and I took the little boys shopping this morning. Nicholai stayed home because he was waiting for Steve to collect him to go to the footy, and Emma stayed home because she’s twelve and playing on her ipad and listening to music is infinitely preferable to going shopping for other people. I’m still not really used to being able to leave the kids home alone though – it felt weird to be out with just the two little ones, knowing that Nicholai and Emma were on their own.

We had to exchange the barbecue gas bottle so we went to Bunnings, and then we walked up to Officeworks because Troy “needed” some fineliner pens. Seriously, the man has an addiction. We went to Big W after that because Troy needed some brown socks for work, and I thought it was about time that all the disreputable, holey, non-matching socks and underwear Soren and Jericho wear were replaced. We bought a few pairs of shorts on clearance (with three boys to wear them, extra shorts are never a waste) and Troy also bought a clearance rack t-shirt. The boys were unenthusiastic about their underwear purchases, and Jericho was then very sad that we wouldn’t buy him a baseball jacket that he really liked – I was quite surprised that he seemed to have such strong feelings about clothes, that was interesting actually. Anyway, chances are that he might be able to get the jacket for winter, but I want to wait until I’ve looked through what the boys have and what they’ll need for colder weather before I buy anything.

We also went to the bank to arrange a redraw on our home loan, because we have to replace our hot water service. We’ve known that it’s on its way out for a while, since our hot water has been getting rustier and rustier looking as time goes by, but now it’s not as hot as it was so something has definitely gone awry. We thought we may as well replace this electric hot water system with a gas one while we’re at it, since gas is cheaper than electricity. Really, it seems like there’s always something when it comes to owning a house. Although at least if I have to get a plumber out for a major job like a hot water service I will finally get the leaky kitchen tap fixed – it’s a mixer tap that drips unless you turn the handle to one specific point, which is really ridiculous and annoying but also not worth the expense of a plumber’s call out fee for just that! So we’ve just been putting up with it until we needed a plumber for something else.


One thought on “Saturday 12 March 2016

  1. When we changed our electric hot water service with a gas one there was a government rebate so ask your plumber. The gas unit was dearer than the elecric one but with the rebate it worked out about the same. Mum

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