Thursday 10th March 2016

Soren is reading Anne of Green Gables! It’s an abridged children’s version, but I am just so happy that he’s reading something that I love. (And that none of my other children have read, may I add.) He was very pleased to bring it home to show me yesterday, after he borrowed it from the library. When I told him it was one of my favourite books he said that his teacher and Grandma had told him that it was one of their favourite books as well, and so I think he was all very pleased to be reading something so popular. He likes it so far; when I asked him this morning what was happening he said rather gleefully, “She’s being punished.” Then said in an appalled whisper, “She shouted at Rachel!”

He makes me laugh a lot sometimes. I picked him up from his classroom first this afternoon and he wanted to tell me about a fun game he played with Jericho and some friends at lunchtime. It was like a big game of house, Jericho was the dad (unimaginatively named Jericho) one other kid was a pet monkey called Oz, one a pet dog named Vince, one was the grandfather Grampsy (who kept trying to run away and had to be brought back by the dog) and Soren played the role of “Jericho’s spoiled son Justin”. When Jericho came out of his classroom this was the first thing he wanted to tell me about too, so I guess it was really a good game.

My kids can be so funny though. Nicholai has finally finished writing his history of Forvania, which is his made-up micronation. Just in time too, since today is the first anniversary of the formation of his country!

Really, I just can’t believe he’s stuck with this for a whole year.

However, reading the history (I’m about half way through) is hilarious. The child certainly can write – his ambition of being a sports journalist is really quite a plausible career path for him. Although I have discovered through reading this document that when Nicholai wrote out his declaration of independence he took himself to the office of our local member of Parliament and wound up showing her his declaration and having a discussion about micro-nations with her! Seriously…what the what now?

Emma had her vaccinations today. She said it was fine – she’s obviously a lot tougher than I was, considering I fainted at school when I was vaccinated in year nine and had to be carried outside by Mr McMahon and put in a chair to recover, which also meant every single person walked past me and laughed at me after they’d had their own needles!

I went and visited Ellen yesterday, which was really fun. Her little girls are so adorable! I really, really wish we didn’t all live so far away because it’s always good to get together but it is a lot of driving. Still, I went and it was good, and we’ll go and stay with Mum and Dad over Easter and probably see the others then.

I’ve added Nicholai’s history of Forvania to my journal – if you look up at the page headings you can find it there. I really can’t recommend it enough, it’s so very funny and so very, very Nicholai!


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