Monday 7th March 2016

That one chicken keeps laying her eggs in the box. I thought it was a sign of how dumb she was, but the other three all lay theirs in the same corner of the nesting box so they must have some kind of schedule to take it in turns. Maybe the box hen is the smart one for having found her own spot?

Today I started doing the project I have to do to become a fully registered teacher. I’ve only been putting it off for…five years, maybe? I know, I’m a disgrace. But the couple of times I’ve actually made a serious decision to work on it have always seen all motivation and ability disappear very rapidly soon after as I slid into another bad depressive episode. I think ever since the last time I’ve just been subconsciously avoiding the whole issue, because I felt like the project was a curse or something. But I can’t avoid it any longer, so today I sat down and actually typed up a couple of pages. I’m going to try and have something done by Thursday that I can hand to Hayley (who said last year she’d be my mentor teacher) and get her take on it.

I feel so awkward about it though, because it’s not something that I can just do on my own. I have to have a mentor teacher for one. I also have to have teachers come to my class to observe me, I have to observe three other teachers on separate occasions, I have to discuss teaching with colleagues (again, multiple times) and then I have to have a panel of teachers to sit and listen to me present my whole project and ask questions and then decide if I’ve done what I need to fulfil the requirements and gain full registration. So basically I have to go to a whole bunch of people who are already overworking and give them more to do!

Apart from working on that, I did a little more crocheting today and the usual housework. Hot and humid weather made most things pretty unpleasant really! I’ve made plans to go and visit Ellen though, so that will be fun. It will be a nice long drive in the new car – it’s why I have put off going to visit for a while, because I wasn’t sure if the old van would make it there and back but now I know I’ll be safe. I also had my new knitting needles delivered, and hopefully their much more flexible cables will make knitting the sock slightly easier and involve fewer needles twanging up on their cable to whack me on the chin.

I’m just putting this here because it’s such a nice photo of Emma! She’s looking so grown up these days. And the braces come off the end of April, yay!


4 thoughts on “Monday 7th March 2016

  1. I only completed my application for full registration in 2013 – and I’ve been teaching since 2003! And I had no excuse, so don’t feel bad!
    Love reading about your day. Yesterday sounded like a great day!

    • Okay, you have no idea how much better that made me feel, ha ha ha! I have just been putting this stupid thing off for so long, and when I went to the seminar on it last year the room was full of all these first year out teachers being very keen, and I felt like such a slacker. But now I am determined to just get it out of the way!
      (Hey, does this count as a discussion with a colleague???? Lmao!)

      We really have to organise getting together some day. I’d love to catch up with you and meet your little one!

      • I think it does count! I think if you want to (it’s quite far) maybe one day you could visit my school in Narre Warren, meet the Indo teachers and see our Indo room! And if we did it when I don’t have a full day of classes we could go out for lunch. But also it’s holidays soon! We’ll catch up then (my day off is your teaching day)

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