Sunday 6 March 2016

I had such a nice day today! Troy woke me up early for a Sunday (this was not the nice bit) and once we were all ready we drove over to his mum and dad’s house to drop off the kids and pick up his dad.

We were a bit early, but Steve and Jean have just got two new goats, so we all petted them and took some pictures while we were waiting. They’re smaller and less scary than the goats that they used to have, which is good! I don’t know, there is just something about goats’ eyes that freak me out, which is a pity because they’re actually rather funny animals. Luna was barking at them today and one of them kept stamping its little hoof at her, and then it rammed the gate and Luna ran away, ha ha ha.

Troy and I left the kids with Jean and drove Steve to the airport. We only had to drop him off, so that part of it was quick, and then we drove to the same hotel we had lunch at last weekend so we could watch UFC #196.

It was such a good afternoon! We ate lunch there first, which was delicious, and then went into the sports bar where they play UFC live on their big projector screen. Much to my joy we got a couch right in front, which was ideal for both watching and knitting, which was my plan for the afternoon. I got a few odd looks I admit, but whatever…I’ve got over feeling self-conscious about crafting in public. Besides, it goes for a few hours, and in that time I got most of the foot of my sock done so that made me very happy.

Although I do admit, it is an amusing juxtaposition to be knitting a sock and put it down to clap and cheer because someone has just strangled someone else into submission!

It was just really fun. I know so many people find my love of UFC somewhat baffling and quite amusing (Jean just shakes her head at me), but I love hanging out with Troy and watching the fights! They were good today too, some surprises and dramatic moments, and it’s a lot of fun to watch with a crowd that’s really into it. It’s not something we can do often, I don’t feel right about dumping the kids on Jean too frequently, but I’m glad that we were able to go again today. We might try to make it to watch UFC #200 in July, and definitely Ronda’s comeback fight when that happens, if it’s at all possible.

We picked up fish and chips on the way home and ate tea with the kids and Jean at her place. Steve is away for five days, so I don’t think Jean minded having the company today. Apparently Jericho and Soren spent ages playing in the dam so they had been showered and their clothes washed and dried by the time we got there – very convenient!


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