Tuesday 1st March 2016

We are watching the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Amy are making a live episode of Fun With Flags. Nicholai just applauded their reference to New Zealand possibly changing their flag- he is absolutely gleeful over this convergence of the show with his interests. I am feeling a little concerned at how my life is beginning to reflect slightly too many elements of this show!

Nicholai also discussed the results of his latest round of World’s Best Flag at tea and suggested I post the link for people to vote again. So, if you’re in to flags (or just like to indulge Nicholai), please go and vote again! https://theworldsbestflag.wordpress.com/

The kids had their swimming sports today, both primary and secondary. Nicholai was uninvolved, since only year 7s, year 12s and people competing attend their swimming sports. Emma went and cheered, and also participated in a breaststroke race. The green team (Deakin), which is what our kids are in, actually won both the swimming and the spirit award, so Ems was happy.

Jericho and Soren are also in the green team (which currently doesn’t have a name) but their green team came dead last. Soren did two races and then two games, and Jericho was in nine events – I went and watched and every time I looked over at the middle grades he was in the water. They got ribbons for every event they went in and Jericho pinned his all along the brim of his hat, it looked like a funny version of a hat with dangling corks.


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