Monday 29th February 2016

I love quiet reading time after tea. Everyone has their book and it’s all very literary. Well, except for me, who is typing on this computer and being the loudest with all this clacking of keys. But I needed a break from my current book, to be honest. It’s a memoir by Sue Klebold, whose son Dylan was one of the Columbine shooters. It’s incredibly fascinating, but it is also one of the saddest and also most terrifying books ever.

It’s also something I’ve been thinking about recently though, because Nicholai and Emma both had an emergency drill at school the other day and along with evacuation for a fire, they also had to practise emergency response, which involves covering the windows and getting under the desk. The kids are very matter of fact about it, but it’s something we never had to do when I was young. School shootings just weren’t on the radar then, but after Columbine (which happened in April 1999), and after all the others, it’s something that they have to prepare for now. There’s never been a school shooting in Australia, and I sincerely hope that all this preparation never has to be put into practice.

I started my second sock today. The children have their swimming sports tomorrow, so I’m going to go and watch and thought I might need something to do. Of course I’ll be gazing lovingly at my offspring and cheering them on, but there’s always a lot of hanging around at these kind of things! So I decided I’d do the toe today because that requires some counting on the increases, and then I can just knit around mindlessly tomorrow. I tried to soften my cables with boiling water today and it did nothing at all, which was a bit sad. I think I’ll look into buying something that’s a little bit easier to use.

I had such a funny experience with the chickens this afternoon. When I went to let them out there were only three hanging about at the door, so I looked around for the other one. There’s an opaque plastic crate that we keep hay in sitting on top of the nesting box, and just as I said, “Where’s your friend?” to the other chickens, a little chicken head popped up out of the box and clucked at me. It looked hilarious! The chicken jumped out and ran off outside with the others, and when I looked in the box there were eight eggs in there – she’s obviously been laying in there for a while! The box has a lid on it, but part of the lid is broken so I guess it’s just right for a chicken looking for a cosy place to lay her eggs. I’ll have to keep it in mind and remember to check it from now on!


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