Sunday 28th February 2016

I am so tired tonight. Troy and I very foolishly stayed up last night to watch Bellator – we’ve been doing that every Saturday night for the past few weeks and every Sunday we agree that it was ridiculous to stay up so late and we’ll never do it again. Until the next Saturday, when we do the same thing over again!

We went out to lunch today, with Troy’s mum and dad and Great Nana. Today would have been Kim’s 50th birthday (this is Jean’s sister who died when she was eight), so Jean wanted to do at least something to commemorate it. I don’t know what Nana thought. She doesn’t say much, but I mean she had a son who died after just a few days and then a daughter who died at eight years old – how do you live through that and not have it affect everything about you?

Lunch was good though. It was just us – Adam and Susan and their kids were busy, and Brett and April were supposed to come but couldn’t because Otis was sick. The food was good, although the serving sizes (even for the kids) were massive.

Kids are okay. They all liked their lunch and came home and played for the rest of the afternoon. Some tears and “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” tonight, but I think it’s all just tiredness.

Although while we were having lunch they kept having ads for UFC on the tv so Troy asked his mum if they’d watch the kids next weekend so he and I can go and watch it. Steve has to go to the airport, but if we can manage to work that in then Jean is happy to have the kids while Troy and I hang out and watch Holly’s title defence, yay. Yep, clearly a UFC bogan.


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