Friday 26th February 2016

I finished knitting my first sock today! I am still astounded that it was possible to do. Admittedly my short row heel turns are all kinds of dodgy, but I’m sure that I will do better on the second sock. And if these socks don’t last very long because of the somewhat wobbly construction, well it doesn’t really matter. It was more about just making them really. I guess my next challenge is making a second sock that actually matches the one I just finished, before I can move on to different sock construction. I can really see how people get a bit addicted to sock knitting.

I’m such a child though. On Wednesday I went shopping at Spotlight and bought the circs, then I went to two different Officeworks stores. I needed to buy pencil cups and erasers for Indonesian, but I really wanted to buy a ladybug lunch bag that I have wanted to buy since they first started carrying it last year. When Troy and I were at Officeworks after we’d bought the car it was on the clearance table, but I had resisted buying it then. However since I’d started, and enjoyed, knitting the sock and think I’ll probably knit more socks in future I thought it would be good to have a little project bag just for the socks…and it was a great excuse to buy the ladybug lunch bag. But although I went to two Officeworks on Wednesday I found no ladybugs at all. So when I realised on Thursday when I was teaching that I hadn’t bought enough pencil cups, I then drove after school to the third Officeworks just so I could buy the (very last!) ladybug lunchbag! I’m actually quite embarrassed to write this, but it’s a really cute bag and just the right size for a ball of sock yarn and the pencil case with scissors and stuff! It’s also waterproof, which will be good during hockey season when I take knitting to do while I watch and the bag sits on the damp ground.

Soren had the year 2 sleepover at school last night. He slept in a tiny tent with Billy and Vincent – the three of them must have been packed in like little sardines. I was just glad that we didn’t need to take and set up/take down our tent for him to sleep in, really. I went in this morning when I took Jericho to school and asked Soren how he went – he said it was great. They watched a movie, took a night walk (and saw a frog and maybe a possum) and played games with torches in the pine forest. Really, everything a small boy could want! I always feel sorry for the teachers with these things though. Not only do they have to camp at school themselves with fourteen seven and eight year olds, they also have to teach those same fourteen children for the following day when they are all exhausted and cranky!

Emma had an excursion to the zoo today, which she said was fun. She really seems to be enjoying school and her friends now, which is good. Although she totally made me laugh today – we saw her school photos and, although she left home that morning with her hair in a ponytail, in her photo her hair is out with the front of it in a plait. I just…we don’t care what she does with her hair! Why not just do her style at home? I don’t know, I just thought it was funny that she changed her hair for her photo and then changed it back to come home. And I really don’t care how she wears her hair – we always had the rule that it had to be up in a ponytail at school simply because of the lice issue, and I don’t think that’s such a problem at high school. At least I hope not!


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