Monday 22 February 2016

I walked around the walking track in town this morning, which was quite a big walk, for me. It’s good walking outside because it gives me a bit of time to think, the dog comes too, and there’s fresh air and all, but I do have to say being bothered by flies and having a thousand dogs bark at you is a bit irritating and makes me wish I’d just stuck to the treadmill. Although of course, the biggest benefit of walking outside is that once I start I just have to keep going…there’s not the option to just jump off and stop whenever I feel like it like I can with the treadmill!

I ventured into sock knitting today, at last! After the hours I spent crocheting on the weekend I had sore hands and a couple of my fingers had this weird kind of numbness going on, so I thought it would be wise to give that a bit of a rest. Knitting uses totally different muscles and hand movements, so that was fine. So far sock knitting has been pretty easy. I had to learn a new cast on technique, but after that it was just regular increases and stocking stitch and now I have some sock toes. I’m using 2mm needles so it feels a bit like knitting with toothpicks and the stitches are tiny. It’s just so tidy! Honestly, it’s like I’ve never knitted anything before in my life…there is something about turning a piece of string into a sock that just boggles my mind.

Oh, and if anyone else wants to see progress photos of my knitting I’m on instagram now under feelingthesunfrombothsides


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