Thursday 18th February 2016

I went back to teaching today! Sometimes I think I really don’t like it, but then I was honestly really glad to go back today. It was good to see all the kids, and I was gratified to find that quite a few of them remembered some Indonesian at least. It really is fascinating how naturally some of them take to it. Anyone can succeed at it if they put in the effort (I’m not asking for more than they can give), but it’s definitely easier for some than others.

I’ve got my own space to teach in this year, which is going to be great. We have posters up for the things we continually come back to (greetings/ numbers/ colours/ days of the week and months of the year etc) and we’ll be able to make displays of the kids’ work when we do things like that. I’m going to keep the kids’ Indo books in the room, which will mean less time (no time??) messing around looking for lost books! If I get a class set of pencils and glue sticks to keep in the room too then that will also go a long way to streamlining my organisation for each class.

The biggest change for me is that now I don’t need to rush around between classrooms. The teachers bring the class to me and take away the previous class, so I will no longer have to rush to pack up my things and get to the next classroom. I can just take a couple of seconds to have a drink and pack up one class folder and get out the next while the kids come in and sit down. It really eliminates a source of stress and aggravation for all concerned.

I’m going to start feeling like a real teacher at this rate, instead of the world’s biggest fraud. Fake it til you make it…who would think I’d still feel like this in my fifth year of teaching?

After school it was home for another episode of The Tudors and some more rainbow crochet. I’ve hit a problematic point with this blanket though – it’s big enough now that it’s resting in my lap as I work on it and in warm weather that’s the last thing I want. It’s meant to get warmer next week too. I might have to start the sock so that I have something to work on that’s not a blanket draped across my lap!

I’m enjoying watching The Tudors too. It’s historically inaccurate in a lot of ways, but it’s also full of pretty people wearing gorgeous costumes and being dramatic, so it’s fun to watch. It was a little slow at the start, but in today’s episode Anne Boleyn lost a baby and Bishop Fisher and Thomas More were executed so it was really all going on.

Speaking of tv, buying The Wonder Years to watch as a family was an excellent choice. That show is hilarious, and everyone in the house likes it. Although today it came out that Soren thought The Wonder Years was about the time when Troy and I were little…it’s set in the 60s!


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