Wednesday 17th February 2016

We got our new van today! It has so many more computer chips and whatnot in it than the last van that it feels quite fancy. I feel so awkward driving it though, I have to get used to the different feel of it.

I took the boys to school this morning while Troy took Emma to her orthodontist appointment. He dropped her off with a note to excuse her lateness, and then came home and collected me so we could drive to Blackburn and get the new car.

Once we got there the dealer had Troy sign some more papers, and then he took us out to the car and showed us around the dashboard. Most of it went in one ear and out the other, to be honest, but I’m sure over time I’ll play with the buttons enough to work it all out. I made Troy drive on the way home though, I was too scared of all the newness!

We stopped at Officeworks on the way home, which is always an angst-ridden trip as I struggle against the overwhelming urge to buy completely unnecessary stationary. All I really needed was a big four ring binder for organising my Indonesian worksheets and resources, but I came out with that, a desk mat, a new pencil case (for all my knitting notions) and a rubbish bin for Emmanuella.

I had craft in the afternoon, which was good. Catherine was able to come today which I was glad about – I hadn’t seen her since last year and she hasn’t been having the easiest time, so it was good to spend some time talking today. I also got another stripe of colour done on my blanket while we talked.

Jericho and Soren have swimming on Wednesdays and so Steve or Jean pick them up from school. Since Nicholai and Emma just catch the bus, I get to stay home…it feels weird not to have that afternoon trip to go and collect someone! But it gave me some extra time to finish my planning for teaching tomorrow at least. Hopefully tomorrow goes well, although I’m preparing to try and be a bit relaxed about things as we work out having the kids come to me instead of me going to them.


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