Tuesday 16th February 2016

My registration has been reinstated, so I can teach again. I’ll do Thursday mornings again since that seemed to work out nicely last year, although with my own space to teach in it will be a bit different. I did some planning today for this week anyway, which was good. I felt a bit slow and muddled trying to organise things, but hopefully that won’t last long and I’ll soon feel a bit more inspired! At least I had a reason to sit in my birthday present desk chair, ha ha ha.

I did my planning today because tomorrow morning we’re going to go and get the new car! Yay! Although as it gets closer I am definitely feeling a twinge at giving up the car that Soren was born in – how many other people can measure their growth year by year on the exact spot where they first drew breath?

I’ve got craft tomorrow afternoon too. I think both Catherin and Miffi will be there, which will be good. I haven’t seen Catherine since the orientation day for our Emmas at high school, and she was having a pretty tough time – I’m anxious to know how they’re going now. I hope things have got easier for her.

I think I’ll keep crocheting the rainbow ripple blanket while we talk tomorrow. I love it – the colours are so beautiful and the ripple shows them off so well. I’m using ten colours and so far I’ve crocheted thirteen and a half stripes. I’m going to keep going with this until I have a day where I feel like concentrating enough to learn how to knit a sock, and then I’ll do that.

I’ve also been thinking that after I finish the blanket and the sock I might do some charity knitting. Nothing major, just using up some of the yarn I have accumulated to knit baby blankets and clothes and hats and mitts for the homeless. I’ve found one charity that will accept all knitted/crocheted items (they seem to act like a distribution centre, collecting handcrafts and passing them on to other charities who can use them) and another one that collects tiny blankets for preterm stillbirths/miscarriages so that when the babies are given to the parents to spend time with them, they’re wrapped in a blanket rather than just on one of those plastic backed cloth thingies.

Emma went to a friend’s house after school today. I am really happy that she’s making friends enough to want to get together outside of school, but it’s still that first awkward time of letting her go somewhere where I have never met the parents! At least we had an easy one to start with – Emma’s friend told Emma to tell me that her mum is a primary school teacher, so I knew that she’s a non-criminal, upstanding member of the community ha ha ha! And in the end, Emma is twelve and I know she’s a good kid and I have to trust her to make good decisions. It’s hard to do though! I went and picked her up later in the afternoon and was able to meet her new friend and her friend’s mum, which was good. She certainly seemed nice, and she was really pleased that Emma had been able to come over – her daughter went to a small primary school (the one she teaches at) and so she’s been in the same boat as Emma, going to a much bigger school without having primary school friends with her. Anyway, Emma had a good time. They walked back to Alex’s house from school, stopping in at Maccas on the way, and then played on the Wii and watched some tv and just did whatever it is that twelve year old girls do.

Although Emma sat next to me in the car on the way home and got out her phone to check her messages, and I made her put it away! I am not going to be those people whose teenagers never speak or interact with the rest of the family because they’re always on their phones!

Oh, the next round of Nicholai’s World’s Best Flag is up!~ Feel free to share the link around with anyone who likes some fun with flags!  https://theworldsbestflag.wordpress.com/

And just because I found this on my external hard drive yesterday, here are my babies, way back in 2009.



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