Friday 12th February 2016

I’ve just joined Instagram. I don’t know how much I’ll use it, considering I put all my photos on my journal here and will put my photos of the day on tumblr as well (I used to do that with my project 365 photos) and it would really be overkill to add them to Instagram as well. But I guess with an account I can organise my celebrity stalking better, ha ha ha! No really, I wanted to be able to see the photos of Benny’s kids that she posts on private and Emma joined up today so now I can follow her too. Celebrity and blogger instagrams are just a fun bonus.

Jericho’s anxiety has been a bit out of control this week, and he has been very tense and unhappy at home. Last night he was crying about school and how hard it is and how high the expectations are. It’s so sad for a nine year old to be so worried, but nothing would really cheer him up. Even when Troy was talking to him about the new car, all Jericho could say was, “There’s too much new.” Poor boy. I went in to speak to his teacher this morning, but she was sick and not in, so it will have to wait until next week. I’m sure she’s noticed anyway, she’s an excellent teacher and she had Jericho in grade 2 so we’ve had plenty of talks about his tendency for anxiety. I’m sure he just needs time to settle back in to school, and time to relax his own stringent high standards since the only expectations he can’t live up to are the ones he imposes on himself.

I did some more crocheting today and my rainbow blanket will be the most beautiful object in my house once I’m finished with it. I’ve only done stripes in five and a half of the ten colours and already I have to leave it draped over the armchair so I can look at it, instead of tucking it away neatly in the project bag! Troy and I have two more episodes of the Walking Dead to watch and I think we’ll do that and I’ll crochet tonight.

Our chickens are fascinated by Luna. When I go in there to collect the eggs she always comes in to sniff around (and probably eat chicken poop) and today the chickens were just following her around and clucking at her. It was so funny – chickens are the dumbest birds but I can’t help liking them.


4 thoughts on “Friday 12th February 2016

  1. I just started following you and Emma on Instagram. Do you know how to put your profiles on private? Not sure if you want to, just thought I’d mention it as an option, then only your friends can see your photos, and you have to approve people to follow you.
    Feel a bit old worrying about the cyber safely of my niece!!

  2. My Instagram handle is Marysyarncreations if you’d like to follow me. I’d love to see more of your photos. 🙂

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