Thursday 11th February 2016

We’re going to get our new car next Wednesday! I’m looking forward to it, although today it occurred to me that I’ll be trading in the car that Soren was born in and that made me kind of sad. It’s just such a special memory and great story! Oh well, it will still be that even if we don’t have the actual van anymore.

We’ll have to clean out the van this weekend and reinstall the middle seat, which we’ve taken out for convenience sake and stored in the library. We’ll also have to take out all the coats and the sunshade and the junk that piles up in the glove box. It probably wouldn’t hurt to also vacuum out the layer of stones and leaf litter that the children seem to track in on their shoes every day!

I started crocheting with the cotton yarn last night, and of course since I started that project my new knitting needles were delivered today. I’m going to keep crocheting for now though, and when I start getting bored or discouraged by it then I’ll take a crocheting break and knit a sock with the new needles. They’re cheap bamboo circulars that I bought off ebay, so I hope I like using them. I’ve used bamboo straight needles before and I liked them for one thing I was knitting but didn’t like them so much when I used a different yarn that didn’t slide along it so easily. Of course now I can’t remember what yarns I used with the bamboo needles, so I just have to hope that the sock yarn works nicely with them! If I decide I like knitting socks I can always replace the cheap needles with something else later on.

I went to Costco today. It was probably the shortest trip I’ve ever taken there, and the most expensive. It was bizarre. I bought a lot of freezer stuff for tea though (and a new fruit basket) and that adds up.

Our Wonder Years dvds arrived today too. I’ve been looking for something we can watch as a family when we eat tea in the lounge room, since I detest the kids’ shows that are on at that time and we’ve shown them all the seasons of Degrassi that are suitable family entertainment. We’ve been watching Mythbusters with them, but now we seem to be getting more and more repeats. I remembered watching Wonder Years when we were kids and that we liked it, so we bought that. We watched the first two episodes tonight and I laughed quite a bit and the kids really liked it. I’m happy with this – it’s really nice to have things we can watch/do together that ALL the kids and adults enjoy.


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