Monday 8th February 2016

There were more tears from Emma this morning, along with a very deep reluctance to go to school. It’s so hard. Apart from her anxiety over her maths work she hasn’t been able to articulate anything in particular that’s causing her worries. And in the afternoons she talks quite positively about her classes and the other girls she’s been talking to, so I think she’s doing okay once she’s there. It just seems to be the mornings, and the prospect of a whole day ahead of her, that brings out the tears.

She told me that she went to the student welfare office today, at recess or lunchtime, and spoke to someone there. Apparently Troy had suggested it to her. She said that they were nice, and that she’s made a deal with the lady she talked to that she’ll go back on Friday and tell her how her week has been. I think it’s a really good idea, and I’m glad that Troy thought of it and that Emma was confident enough to go! I don’t really think that there are big problems, I think that’s she’s having a harder time adjusting than she (or we) thought she would. Hopefully talking to someone today and just knowing that they are there if she needs them again will help.

We paid a deposit for our new car today. I don’t know when we will actually get it, but I suppose the process has been started. I hope they can find one without too much delay, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I cleaned the oven today, which was disgusting. It’s not exactly a job that gets done very often, and when I do it I’m kind of appalled at how gross it is.

I also had lunch with Sue from the office, which was much more fun. We had planned to go the new restaurant in town (the one Troy and I took the kids to on the holidays) but they were closed so we ended up just going to the bakery. Although that was pretty good too – honestly I think I just like eating out anywhere.

I had hoped that either my yarn or my knitting needles would be delivered today, but no luck! I got all excited when I saw the parcel delivery lady coming to my door, but it was just a replacement part for a charger. Such a let down! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

It’s hard garbage this week, so there were lots of people driving around yesterday, scoping out what everyone has put out. We didn’t have too much this time, although it looked like a lot because it was the old sectional couch and the old barbecue. We also put out the rusty chrome shelf thing that used to be in the kids’ toilet, a broken hedge trimmer and some pieces of carpet that Pedro used to sleep on up on the deck. Someone came by early on in the week and took the corner section of the couch, and then a couple of days later someone else took another section of it so there’s just one corner piece left. Someone took the knobs and the gas hose off the barbecue, and someone took the broken hedge trimmer, so we really ended up with a lot less stuff out on the kerb than we started with. And I haven’t picked up anything from anyone else’s pile, so we’re definitely coming out ahead with clearing stuff out!


2 thoughts on “Monday 8th February 2016

  1. It’s great that Emma’s school has someone the kids can go and talk to if they’re struggling. Every school needs this is place.

    Also, your oven and my oven are twins separated at birth. 😉 Mine is sending smoke signals due to all the crusty burnt bits.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves it so long – it’s just one of the jobs that’s so easy to put off because you don’t have to see the mess.
      I’m really glad that Emma has someone to talk to as well. She’s just a little bit emotional sometimes, and not quite sure how to deal with herself.

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