Saturday 6th February 2016

I’ve been reading my old journals lately. I certainly seem to have been fairly prolific. It’s interesting to read it though and remember how it was – I think my life is definitely a lot easier than it used to be when I had smaller kids. Reading over it now I am regretful that I judged myself so harshly at certain times, because it honestly WAS difficult, sometimes horribly so. I’m so glad we are past some things, and I am so proud of who my kids are now when I look back to some of our earlier struggles.

It’s not all serious though. My god, the kids have been hilarious at times! I am so glad that I wrote it all down, I’m going to have such good material for making speeches at their birthdays and weddings and Christmas parties!

We bought some more chickens today. We haven’t had any for several months, since the others grew old and stopped laying and we sent them off to be killed. While Nicholai was at cricket this morning Troy and I took the other three kids and we went to the chicken farm that we got our previous chickens from. Jericho picked out four that he thinks look different – they’re all brown but they have some light feathers here and there or some speckling – and we put them in the dog’s travel crate and bought them home. They seemed to settle in quite quickly, walking and pecking around and having dust baths in the dirt. Jericho, Emma and Soren have named them Chocolate Sundae, Penny, Lightning and Iris. I went out to see how they were going this afternoon and they’d already laid two eggs, which was a pleasant surprise. The eggs are little, but they’re only young birds.


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