Thursday 4th February 2016

Emma wants to get Snapchat and Instagram. She’s been at high school a week and she’s turned into a teenager! I don’t have a huge issue with her having some kind of messaging app that she can use to talk to her friends after school. I remember how much it sucked not being able to talk on the phone after school like my friends did (long distance call charges…there’s something that I haven’t thought about in a long time) so I’m happy for Emma to have a bit more social time.

We’ll talk to her about using social media responsibly but, as I pointed out to Troy, she is part of the generation that has grown up with the internet and internet safety has been taught to her in school from the moment she first turned a machine on. She’s also of a generation where her parents are active online and so we know and understand what the sites she uses do. None of this means she won’t make mistakes or do something dumb here and there, but we’ve got a good basis for talking about it with her. She’s smart and sensible too, so that makes me worry less.

I achieved almost nothing today. I honestly have no idea where the time even went. The only useful thing I did was go and do all the blood tests that Dr deSilva ordered. I’ll have to make a doctor’s appointment to get those results.

I finished knitting my cardigan yesterday! It’s funny, because I was actually quite surprised to come to the end of it. I had it in my mind that I wanted to finish it before we came to the end of our Walking Dead dvds, but somehow that meant I wasn’t expecting it to finish until we had finished all our episodes. And we still have some left. Anyway, my cardigan looks really good and I think I will love it once it gets cold enough to wear it! It will be super cosy when we have to go to football or hockey this winter.

Although now I have sock yarn but no needles and crochet hooks but no blanket yarn, so I have to wait and see which arrives first, the needles or the yarn. I’ve ordered the yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills – today I wished I was Ellen and could just go to the shop and buy it for instant gratification!

I have to make a vet appointment for Luna tomorrow. All the blackberry bushes that Troy and his parents cleared out on the weekend were growing entangled with a whole heap of wandering jew, which I discovered (when looking up whether it was poisonous to goats – it’s not) causes dermatitis in dogs. Luna romped all through it and now has a horrid rash all over her, so hopefully I can get a quick appointment tomorrow.

Nicholai wants to establish what is the world’s best flag. To do this he has created a draw, where people will vote for flags through several rounds, eventually eliminating all but the best. (Yes, I know, he is really turning in to Sheldon Cooper with his Fun With Flags webshow). Anyway, if you’ve got a couple of minutes, visit and help Nicholai discover the world’s most popular flag!

This is from Nicholai’s first day at school.

Emma obligingly modelling my cardigan.

THere’s a cable pattern that runs down the centre of the sleeves.


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