Tuesday 2nd February 2016

I still haven’t had a letter from the VIT reinstating my registration, so I spoke to the principal today and said I can’t really teach on Thursday since it’s suspended. I was so embarrassed, it was such a ridiculous oversight on my part, but she was very understanding about it. So hopefully it gets sorted out by next week.

Poor Emma was upset with her first high school homework this afternoon. It was maths, which she’s always lacked confidence in, and when some of the problems were written in an unfamiliar way I think she just panicked a bit. Once we sat down and she stopped crying we were able to look at them and she knew a few more answers. I told her not to worry about the ones she couldn’t do, just hand it in and then the teacher will know what areas they need to teach. I think that’s best – I am an awful maths teacher so I’m almost useless to her, and I’d rather she get a good grounding from an experienced teacher rather than have me try to muddle her through.

I had a pretty uneventful day. I coloured my hair after briefly considering letting it go white and deciding no, that’s not going to happen at this age. I did some housework and watched an episode of The Tudors while doing my knitting. I think I’m going to enjoy it – I know it’s historically not very accurate, but it’s very dramatic and beautifully costumed. And you know, Henry Cavill…there’s a lot that’s nice to look at!

Apart from Emma’s homework, all the four kids seem to be settling back in to school. Nicholai is extremely uncommunicative, as always, but he seems a lot calmer now that he’s got the stimulation of school. Emma talks about her subjects a little bit and has told me that she’s hanging around with Trinity, the girl she met on the orientation day, but is also getting to know a couple of other girls as well which I think is good. She’s a little more clingy than usual, following me around the house in the afternoon, but we just talk a little and she seems happy enough. Jericho likes having his teacher again (she was his teacher in grade 2, then Soren’s teacher last year) and especially likes having her dog, Angus, in the classroom again. He was excited to tell me about a story he wrote today – the prompt was a picture of a single shoe lying abandoned on a city pavement. Soren is happy to be back with his friends- I’m really glad that he has developed some strong friendships because it’s not something that the other kids have been consistently successful with. We’re doing that wretched reading rainbow thing again where you have to count the nights the kid read…I hate it! Although Soren doesn’t have to read aloud every night now, so we might do better this year if we read aloud a couple of nights and then he reads alone the other nights. Fingers crossed anyway, I’m tired of being a disorganised school parent!


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