Monday 1st February 2016

Oh my god, I am so frustrated and mad! I can’t believe Troy and I are fighting about his stupid brother again. Like seriously…haven’t we got past this ??? Apparently not!

Anyway, Brett and April are going to go and work overseas in Saudi Arabia, in order to get paid tax-free (well, that’s their plan). They went to see Troy today and he explained to them that going overseas for a temporary job means that they will still be taxed under the Australian system. The rules for what makes it a temporary job or not don’t relate only to time, but to whether they maintain ties in Australia, own a house or cars here etc etc etc. Considering that they own a house that they are keeping (and not even renting out for full market rent), some cars and Brett has three kids here, it’s going to be pretty hard for them to claim that they shouldn’t be taxed here. So Troy was telling me about this and I said that if they were going to do the wrong thing I would dob them in, and Troy said that then I’d get him in trouble because he would be their accountant. So frankly I was pretty pissed off that he’d be in any way unethical because of his stupid brother, and Troy was kind of laughing at me which just enraged me even further…it’s all so stupid, to have this ridiculous argument about a hypothetical situation, but damn!

I am just so sick of his brother doing whatever dumb shit he does and everyone else in the family catering to him and enabling him (this stuff goes back years now) and nothing ever changing. And I know it’s not really any of my business (except the way that family operates it kind of does become everyone’s business) but I cannot stop judging him for leaving his kids behind. I get that sometimes parents have to do things that suck for the future benefit of the family, but his three kids with Rachel aren’t going to get anything out of this except a dad that won’t be in their lives beyond a phone call here and there. I would bet my last dollar that he’ll pay child support for them until they’re eighteen and not a day longer, so any bullshit excuse about money and financial security won’t mean anything for them.

Anyway, all of this is just such a waste of energy. His brother has basically always been a jerk as long as I’ve known him, and yet when it comes down to it Troy will say that he’s his brother, and just shrug his shoulders. There’s nothing I can do about anything, except quietly fume, and try not to let it get to me.

Except that I can’t believe Troy and I are fighting about this! I was a pretentious shit and told him I couldn’t believe he would be complicit in his brother’s shady (at best) or illegal (at worst) tax evasion plans, and he just gave me a look and walked away. Probably the wisest thing to do really. I’m just…we don’t fight! We never do! Occasionally we might irritate each other a little bit, but even that is hardly worth noticing! And now we’re arguing about his brother????

Why didn’t I learn my lesson about this years ago????


Hmm, I’ve calmed down a bit now. Still a bit shitty about the whole situation and might delete it all later, but…meh.

It was such a lovely day until all that though! Today was Nicholai’s first day back, so it was my first day with ALL of the kids back at school. I waved Nicholai and Emma off for their walk to the bus stop (not that Nicholai wanted to walk with Emma!) and then dropped Soren and Jericho off at school and went to the shopping centre. I picked up my glasses, although that was a mixed sort of thing because one pair I like and one pair I don’t think I really do, but they are both new and the lenses are completely non scratched which is nice.

I then went to Big W and bought shoes for Nicholai. I have to admit that I kind of wanted to hit him with the shoes – we asked the kids on the holidays to check their school shoes and make sure they fit/ had no holes/ still looked okay, and guess who told us his shoes were fine? The same boy who also came in this morning to point out a hole in the sole!

I went to the supermarket and borrowed a movie from the Oovie machine, so that I could come home and do some watching of adult tv and knitting. I borrowed The Visit, which was kind of creepy and fun, and then I watched one episode of The Tudors, which I got for Christmas and think I will like. I started the second front of my cardigan while I was watching and got a good few inches knitted, so I’m hoping the rest of it goes fast. Once this is done I’ll knit a sock (once my sock knitting needles turn up) and order cotton yarn to make a rainbow blanket. So that’s my craft projects planned for the next couple of months.

I suppose tomorrow I had better start doing things – I will have to plan for Thursday (although I don’t even know if the registration mess will be sorted out by then so I can teach) and probably do some cleaning of the house, since it is generally sadly neglected over the holidays.


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