Sunday 31 January 2016

I’m watching the X-files. New episodes, which have come along quite nicely as I finished watching all nine seasons of it last year!

I’m tired tonight. We spent the morning out in the back yard – Troy and his parents kept tackling the blackberry tangle at the back and sides of the shed, and I sorted out the chicken coop. Mostly I just did a lot of shovelling, moving dirt and stones and old shit from one end of it to the other, so that the ground is relatively even and the vents that lead into the library are no longer covered with dirt. Emma and I also built a perch for them out of a long branch and some blocks of wood, which should work. Now I just need to get some new chickens to go into this nicely shovelled and raked coop, and we will go back to having a constant supply of fresh eggs.

Troy and his mum and dad finished hacking down the blackberries and raking up all the Wandering Jew down by the shed. It will all grow back, but it’s under control for the time being at least. Steve and Jean are going to get a couple of goats though, and so we’ll be able to block off this area beside the shed and then borrow the goats to eat it down every month or so. It should work well, and we can pretend we’re on a farm when we have chickens and goats in the back yard.

I’m nearly finished the second sleeve on my knitting. It went much faster than the first one did, and I didn’t make any mistakes on it either. Troy and I still have thirteen more episodes of The Walking Dead to watch, so that gives me something good to watch while I work on it! Although last night we stayed up really late watching Bellator MMA and I knitted so much that my hands are sore. Although probably not as sore as some of the losers in last night’s fights!


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