Saturday 30 January 2016

Today was so peaceful. I slept in, and then we just didn’t really do anything. Nicholai had cricket in the morning (it was the first day, his team bowled, he didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy) but that was really it. The kids just played about and I read and went on the computer, which was pretty much what Troy did too.

Emma’s first day of high school yesterday went well. It was pouring with rain in the morning so instead of walking her to the bus stop Troy and I drove her down. I was a little worried after her tears on Thursday evening that we might have some difficulties on Friday morning, but I should have known my brave girl would come through when she had to. She stood under a tree with Troy and I and waited for her bus, and when it came she just gave us each a hug and a kiss and went and climbed on. In the afternoon she walked home from the bus stop alone and seemed quite happy – they’d spent most of the day in their form rooms having introductory talks about things. She sat next to the girl she met at the orientation days and the two of them stayed together at recess and lunchtime, but she said she talked to a couple of other girls too. She sounded quietly confident about everything that had happened to her that day, and I am just so proud of her. She used to be such a scared little rabbit sometimes, but she’s growing up to be such a strong, brave girl…I really believe that I am going to watch her grow and bloom over the next few years and it will be beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 30 January 2016

    • I showed her the photo you ssent on the phone, she was happy that they liked them! And I’m sorry that she spelled Skyla’s name wrong, she has a cabbage patch kid whose name is Skyler and that’s why she thinks it’s spelled that way!

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