Thursday 28th January 2016

Oh, I just sent Emma to bed for the night and she was crying. She’s so nervous about going to high school tomorrow! It’s horrible, I just want to snuggle her on my lap and say that I won’t make her do it, but of course I can’t. She has to go, and I’m sure that it won’t be as bad as she’s afraid of and she’ll do fine, but it’s so hard to know that there’s nothing I can do!

Jericho and Soren went back today. They were fine – Jericho was anxious in his Jericho way but Soren was obviously feeling pretty cruisey about it all. Since Troy is still on holidays he and I both took them in this morning, which was a bit different but nice. They’re both in the same classrooms they were in last year, although with different teachers.

It felt funny today though, because they’re just in the middle grades where it’s kind of nothing special. The last two years of school the first day has been the ‘last first day’ for Emma and Nicholai, as well as being Soren’s first day ever in 2014. So today felt mildly anti-climactic.

I’m feeling a bit cheered about teaching this year, because instead of moving between all the rooms, I’m going to have the space at the back of Sandra’s classroom to use and the kids will come to me. This will be so much easier – I won’t be always running late and having people be annoyed with me, I won’t have to worry about other teachers’ things written on the whiteboards, the kids’ Indo books will stay there and won’t get lost, I will have a little bit of wall space so I can make sure that the posters with things like numbers and colours are on the wall and so we’ll have them for all classes (at least I hope so). I don’t know what will happen in regards to pencils and glue sticks etc, that the kids usually have in shared buckets in their classroom, but I’ll work it out. Apart from that little bonus of having the kids come to me, teaching is going to be hard this year due to the class make ups. They’re all composites – a prep/1, a 1/2, a 3/4, a 4/5 and a 5/6 – and I don’t know how I am supposed to teach that evenly and effectively.

Nicholai and Emmanuella enjoyed their day at home. I think Emma thought it was quite a novelty being the big girl at home while her little brothers were at school! We watched The Hunger Games movie, since Emma has just finished reading the books, and I did a lot of knitting.

I hope Emma has a good day tomorrow!


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