Monday 25th January 2016

Today turned out to be an interesting day, as we went for a drive to look at new cars and ended up taking one for a test drive. Not super necessary, as we already knew that we just wanted to get the updated version of the van we already have, but still fun and interesting to do.

They only had the top spec models at the showroom, but even the base model is going to be a big change from what we have now. The ones we saw today had automatic sliding doors and leather seats and all kinds of fancy stuff which the kids (and me!) were very impressed with, but it doesn’t bother me that ours won’t have that. We checked out everything and then figured that while we were there we might as well take it for a test drive so we did that, with both Troy and I taking a turn at driving. Once we were back at the dealer the kids all watched their giant tv and Troy and I talked specifics with the guy.

We would get the model above the base model – it has built in satnav, which is something I’m sure I will like having – I’m horrible at driving somewhere I’ve never been before and tend to freak out about getting lost. There were a few other features, and we can get it with a diesel engine, which will cut our fuel costs down a little bit. Strangely enough if we get it in my name we save almost $4000 because Kia has a program where teachers get a discount – apparently they think it’s good for the brand to have it in the school carpark as a car that teachers drive. I had never heard of such a thing before so I will make mention of it at school, as if someone is thinking about a new car it might be handy information for them. We also get $2000 trade in on the old van, which his probably about $1500 more than I thought we’d get, so that’s good!

Troy will now make contact with his financing people and work out the logistics of borrowing and buying it in my name, and then the dealer will see if he can get one for us. If he can get one from another dealer it won’t take too long, but if he has to factory order it then we’ll be waiting 2 – 3 months. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

It totally made me think about how old the kids are getting though! Last time we bought the van we had to have the kids babysat so we could test drive it, since we were hardly going to install three carseats in it to drive around for ten minutes. Today we were able to just let them pile in – Soren still uses his booster seat in our car and I do prefer that he is in it, but he’s close enough to fitting properly in the seatbelt (especially in the very back of the van, the seatbelts are lower there) that it’s not a big deal to go without it. Not just that either – as we were driving along Nicholai announced to us all that he would learn to drive in this car…he’s only just over two years away from learning to drive!


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