Sunday 24th January 2016

I can’t believe that it’s suddenly the end of the holidays and the kids are going back to school this week. It always seems to happen like that though, the holidays seem like they’ll last forever and then they’re nearly over and I wonder where all the time went.

We had lunch at Troy’s parents’ house today, with his brothers and their families, and to be quite honest I cannot remember the last time I was so annoyed by everyone! Family things like that used to be excruciating, but maybe people have got easier or maybe I’ve just mellowed because they’ve been generally easy enough to get through over the past year or so.

But today! As Troy said, it was like a Brett highlight reel of everything he does that we find so annoying! The stupid jokes and not doing anything for his kids! Assuming that someone else is going to make sure the toddler has food and that his accidents are cleaned up! The assumption that Troy is going to sort out his financial affairs! His criticism of some football player who left his wife and baby because he had a new woman….dude, you had THREE kids and you were going out with other women while you were still married! How can he not see the complete and utter hypocrisy of this???

Plus, he and April are still planning on going overseas and working. And I know it isn’t my business to judge other people, but goddamn it I’m going to do it anyway when it comes to this. I just don’t think you walk away from your kids like that. Nice that he has his shiny new family, but that doesn’t mean he should stroll off into the sunset and never see his other kids anymore, which is basically what they’re doing by going overseas. Those kids deserve so much better than the second-rate way they’re treated in that family.

Adam and Susan had their dog too, which would be fine except that she won’t leave Luna alone. So anytime they’re in the same yard together all you can hear is Nori barking at Luna and Luna yelping as she tries to run away from being nipped at and barked at and knocked around. Omg, so frustrating! So in the end Luna had to come inside, which she probably prefers, but it makes it seem like she’s the problem dog when she’s really not.

At least I got a bit of knitting done? I suppose that’s something. I took my cardigan and I’m up to the shaping of the neck and raglan on the front piece I’m working on. The front really does go so much faster than the back (which was really interminable) and the sleeve (which is surprisingly big and also had the cable/ twist pattern in the middle).


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