Wednesday 20th January 2016.

I finished my small knitting project while we were away (it’s a baby present for Lee’s baby, something I’ve never made before, and it’s super cute!). Since I enjoyed knitting it so much I pulled out my cardigan last night, determined to finish it. Oy. There’s more to do to it than I thought. I’ve done the back and one sleeve, and I thought I had most of one front done too, but I didn’t really. And what I had knitted of the front I’d gone off pattern for, which confused me for a while until I worked out what I had been doing. Even when I worked it out I decided I didn’t like it, so I had to rip it back and basically start the front over again. However half the front of a jumper is actually not that many stitches, so I got an encouraging amount knitted while I watched an episode of the Walking Dead. We’ve still got a couple of seasons worth of episodes, so I will just keep working away at it while we watch and I should make some good progress.

I don’t know, I’m just feeling all inspired to do stuff and make stuff at the moment! My cardigan, and I’m really keen to try out knitting socks, and I want to crochet a rainbow ripple blanket this year so I’ve been trawling around the internet for affordable yarn. (Spoiler – there’s not a lot of it if I don’t want acrylic.) I even did some writing today which probably isn’t very good, but I think it kind of broke through that mental block I had and I should be able to keep going.

I’m not the only one writing. We’ve slightly loosened up on the technology limits over these holidays and the kids are allowed to use the computers for writing on without spending poker chips. Emma has been spending hours in her room with the keys clacking away – I know her story is called Simply Complicated, but that’s all I know at this point. Jericho is also writing something, but he keeps changing his mind what it’s about. Soren is working away at a story called Ultra Haggis, about a runaway haggis, and Nicholai is writing an official history of Forvania, his micro-nation. Troy probably feels quite left out of all this literary industriousness.

Although Troy is being quite industrious with his time off anyway. He sorted through our dvds today and tidied up the dvd shelf – I’m not entirely sure of his system but things are in categories and lined up in order of popularity.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 20th January 2016.

  1. You need to tell me where you buy yarn online. I need some nicer yarn for my weavings, but since mostly I just crochet in acrylic I dont really know where to look for “nice” yarns and fibres. And all my stash is mostly plain 8 ply acrylic, which isn’t very inspiring.

    • I bought the yarn I needed for my cardigan and for the Christmas stockings from here and those yarns were lovely. They have good reviews and the yarn is a great price.
      Apart from that I have bought cotton yarn from America when I made my snowflake blanket, but i can’t really remember where. This place is meant to be good too, I’m going to try them when I make my next blanket.
      Otherwise I’ve just bought yarn at Spotlight, preferably when it was on sale. But the Spotlight that I go to seems to have shrunk their yarn department so I’ll probably have to do more shopping online.

      • I think yarn is such a funny word!! If ever you want to take photos of your things and message them to me, I love seeing everyone’s craft!!

  2. I’m the same as you regarding upswings and downswings in motivation, and I’ve learned to take advantage of the upswings. I get far more done overall that way.

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