Tuesday 19th January 2016

We had a power failure from the time I went to bed last night to 4pm this afternoon. It was so hot sleeping without the ceiling fan, but I suppose in the end it turned out quite well for me – in the morning Troy left me sleeping in and took the children and all the holiday washing over to his parents’ house. By the time I got up and ate breakfast and called them he was just putting the last load in to the washing machine.

They all came home for lunch though, and after lunch we went to the high school to collect the book and stationary orders for Nicholai and Emma. We figured while we were out we may as well get fully prepared for school, so after we had collected their stuff we went across the road to the shopping centre. Emma and Jericho both needed new school shoes and Jericho needed new sneakers, Emma also needed new bike shorts to wear under her school dresses and new socks and undies. For the first time ever I had to buy her socks and undies in the women’s section…yikes she’s getting so big!

Jericho was at his most difficult and frustrating today. It’s like he just tries to make himself unhappy sometimes. Since Big W had all their stationary on back to school sale we bought him and Soren a pencil case each and some pencils and let them choose a pen, as well as buying a bunch of plain paper scrapbooks for them to draw on. This was just for home, the school provides what they need there, so you’d think it would have made him happy, right? No. He just gets so tangled up in knots about what he’s getting and what he might be missing out on that his anxiety just spirals out of control until he’s doing nothing but whining and hysterics threaten to erupt at any moment. I thought he might settle down a little once we got home, but he really didn’t – he just backs you into a corner of saying no to him (like, he’ll ask for things that he knows aren’t allowed) and then he throws a fit about how no one cares about him and life is all so miserable. It’s exhausting.

I don’t know. I really don’t think he’s enjoyed these school holidays. Even our weekend away, he got upset on the first day that we went to the beach and he was just kind of miserable on the sand until everyone else was ready to go. He and Nicholai are also continually tormenting each other, and that’s really wearing on everyone’s last nerve. Really, I know there’s nothing to be done and we just have to keep on going, but it’s frustrating to see him unhappy and know that he needn’t be.

We had a good drive back from Anglesea yesterday. We went out for breakfast again (a different place – so good!) and then spent the morning at the house, washing up the towels and linen we’d used and generally cleaning up. We left after lunch and were home mid-afternoon. I wish we’d been able to stay longer honestly, and it has completely reaffirmed my desire for a beach house (completely unrealistic goal, admittedly), but it’s also nice to be home. I’m glad to have the dog back, and I’m also glad to have my electric toothbrush back – I don’t take it away with me so I never feel like my teeth are really clean until I come back home.


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