Sunday 17th January 2016 #2

Another gorgeous summer holiday day today. We’ve really had such great weather for the couple of days we’ve been here – sunny and warm but not swelteringly hot.

We were lazy this morning. I slept in, and Troy watched the NFL while the kids just did their own thing. We went down the street and had lunch at the bakery and then took a drive to Airey’s Inlet and walked up to the Split Point Lighthouse. The kids were all really excited about this, because it’s the lighthouse they used filming Round the Twist so that was good. Then we went across to the milk bar and everyone had an icy pole before we came back to the house.

We watched more NFL and did some more colouring in. I have to say, as much as I enjoy sitting there and colouring in and chatting with the children, I find it hard to leave a page half done. So the relaxation element is really not there as much when I’m just grimly colouring in to have the page finished!

We went to the beach later in the afternoon, and it was great. The waves were better than yesterday and all the kids really got the hang of using the boogie board. Soren especially seemed to work it out – he was riding the waves all the way in until he was beached on the sand. He looks like he belongs at the beach though. Despite slathering him in sunscreen, two days at the beach have made him the colour of a freshly baked loaf of bread. Unlike the rest of us who are all pasty white and freckly apart from the odd red patch where the sunscreen didn’t get properly applied!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 17th January 2016 #2

  1. it sounds like you have all had a lovely break. Was anglesea a pretty place. I hope the drive home was good and everyone enjoys sleeping back in their own beds. Does Troy go back to work this week. I love you and I am so glad you all had a nice time.
    Love Elle xox

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