Thursday 14 January 2016

We had some much welcome cooler weather today. So nice to be comfortable…god I hate summer.

Nothing much is going on at home at the moment. Jericho is still kind of cranky, but the other three are enjoying their holidays and finding lots of different things to do to fill up their time. Emma, Jericho and Soren have been typing stories on the computer, which is kind of amusing. Jericho is writing about a were-llama (as opposed to a werewolf) and Soren is writing a story about an ‘ultra haggis’, which didn’t want to be eaten for tea and so got up from the table and ran away.

We’ve been sorting things out for our short beach trip. I must admit that I think it will be good when the kids are old enough that we can just say, “Pack three days worth of clothes” and let them get on with it, instead of having to make lists and supervise. Although I’m so happy that we’re going to go away that I’m not really all that fussed.

I had to go down to the office and get some documents certified and sent away today. In my fog of depression last year I failed to complete the steps required for my police check and so they’ve suspended my teacher registration. I was so upset when I got the letter- it’s so frustrating that my own incompetence has caused this problem! I mean really, I filled out the form online and then all I had to do was get the certified documents and send them off. And Troy can certify for them for me because he’s an accountant, so it’s not even like it’s any effort to get that done, but I still didn’t do it! Oh well, it’s a lesson learned I guess. Now I just have to hope they get my documents and revoke my suspension before school goes back, because if they don’t I can’t teach. And I really don’t want the embarrassment of having to explain that- I already worry about my level of professionalism, what with all the times I cried in the principal’s office last year, so I don’t want to have to go into this mess with them as well.

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