Tuesday 12 January 2016

We’re going to be able to go away for a couple of days- some friends of Troy’s parents have a house at Anglesea and we’re going to borrow it for a few nights. Troy and I stayed in Anglesea on our honeymoon (fourteen years ago!) and I’m quite looking forward to going there again. It will only be a short break, but I think it will be really fun for us all to go somewhere different. We only worked it out today and haven’t told the kids yet. Perhaps we should just stick them in the car and drive them on a magical mystery tour?

The weather continues to be unpleasantly hot these holidays. Tomorrow’s meant to be over 40…joy. I just checked the weather for Anglesea and it’s supposed to be low twenties over the weekend. Ah well, still warm enough for the beach.

I am so fascinated by this process of Emma turning into a teenager. She still plays with Jericho and Soren a lot, jumping on the trampoline with them, playing on the Wii with them, having water fights etc, but she also spends a lot of time hiding in her room with her headphones on, listening to smusic. She’s spent hours on itunes spending her Christmas gift cards, and she’s been reading some new, more YA type books. Interestingly, none of her toys have come out these holidays – she’s rearranged her Schleichs a couple of times, but there have been no Little Petshops or Monster High dolls or Barbies come out of their boxes. She’s also getting so tall, and there are a bunch of clothes she got in the last hand-me-down bag from Hannah that are more grown up than anything else she’s really worn before.

She’s getting her braces off in April too! She had an appointment with the orthodontist and he said her teeth are pretty much done. Her eye teeth are not in place, they’re growing out of her gums really high up, but he thinks that with the gaps created by the expander they’ll come down into place naturally. He adjusted her expander to widen things a bit further – he said he’s overcorrecting it just to give her some wiggle room for everything. She’ll have one more check up appointment and then the following one he’ll take it all off and fit her for a retainer. I’m surprised at how quickly it’s all gone – I seem to remember people at high school having braces for years but Emma got her expander a couple of days before Christmas in 2014, and they put the braces on in August 2015. I have to admit too, that I’m so glad we did it all. The slideshow they did at the graduation dinner had lots of photos of Emma smiling, and when we saw her grade 6 school photo Troy and I just looked at each other and said, “That’s why we spent one and half grand on her teeth!”

I’m still doing my knitting, and I finished the stranding portion of it yesterday. The kids went with Jean to the RACV for a magic lesson, and then ended up staying at her place playing with their cousins all day, so I watched a whole bunch of Teen Mom and Toddlers and Tiaras on youtube (because I’m trashy like that) and did my knitting. It was really enjoyable to have a couple of hours without noise!


One thought on “Tuesday 12 January 2016

  1. Yippeeee for holidays! Have a fabulous time at Angelsea, will be so nice! How exciting about ems braces too, she is going up beautifully. I was just wondering if you could email me a couple of photos of Quinn on her birthday and the water fight please. When I swapped my phone over I lost all my photos!!!! We’ll have a lovely time relaxing with your family!! Drive safely, I love you. Love Elle xo

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