Sunday 10th January 2016

The kids can be so weird sometimes. Nicholai had to dry the dishes tonight, and as always he carried on until I told him that he was just being made to be helpful and to stop behaving like he was being sent to the gulag. I left the room, and when I came back Nicholai was still drying while Jericho sat in a kitchen chair pointing a water gun at him and shouting, “Ivan! Work! You will work, Ivan, faster!” in a this morning, to buy some organisational baskets for the shelves in Jericho and Soren’s cupboard, a powerboard, and some new knobs for their drawers. We also bought some Velcro for Emma’s curtain, and some potting mix and those little cardboard pots so I can split off baby plants from my succulents. We went to Petbarn too, since it across the carpark from Bunnings, so we could get some of Luna’s food. I laughed a lot while we were there, after Soren came up to me and asked, quite seriously, “When I graduate from high school, will you buy me a parrot? I’ll call him Squawky Walter and teach him to talk.”

We finished sorting out Jericho and Soren’s room today. That’s certainly a job and a half – I have no idea how they manage to create such a disaster so regularly. Anyway, for at least the moment everything is basically in place and I even vacuumed in there…will probably not be done again this year, but at least there is a moment when their room is tidy! It looks nice- none of the furniture matches, but really not one of the rooms in our house has matching furniture. I guess we just buy things as we need them and buy them from random places so ‘matching’ really isn’t a priority!

I put Emma’s curtain up for her this afternoon too. We bought some sew and stick Velcro, so I sewed one side to the fabric and the other just stuck to the door frame. It looks cute and she’s really happy with it. I offered to get Nicholai one for his room, since he also has no door (and actually can’t have a door because of the size of the room and lack of floor space) but he has declined. I suppose he’ll just have to continue to live his life out in the open.

Emma’s curtain on her door.

One thought on “Sunday 10th January 2016

  1. Well done, it looks great! I’m glad your kids are keeping you entertained!! We are now having nice holidays at home, love Elle xo

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