Saturday 9th January 2016

I think I’m doing this stranded knitting like a boss now. Holding the two yarns at the same time and everything – I don’t know if this is the proper way to do it or not, but since it’s working for me it’s good. I’m about halfway through the pattern, which is 50 rows high and 42 stitches (x4) across. The most frustrating thing about it is that I’m using my short circulars, since the long ones are in use with the cardigan, and this makes the stitches so bunched up that I can only stretch out a small section at a time to admire the pattern or I risk losing it off the needles – I really want to see what it looks like as a whole!

Since I’m enjoying this fiddly knitting so much I’ve been thinking that maybe this is the year I’ll finally knit a sock. Socks were actually what prompted me to learn to knit in the first place – I don’t know why but I loved the look of handknit socks when I first saw them and so I sat down with library books and to learn to knit, with the idea being that I would learn and then I would knit socks. Well, it’s over seven years later and there’s not a handknitted sock in sight. I’ve always just been too intimidated by them, but that’s silly – I’m never going to learn unless I try them. As it happens I have nineteen knitting books solely devoted to socks (plus one about knitting Christmas stockings, which are really just giant socks), so doubtless one of them will have directions I can follow. So yes, I think this year I might knit that sock. At least one…a pair would be nice of course, but I’ll consider it a success if I get just one sock done.

Or else maybe I’ll have to knit hats, to cover up the fact that I’m going bald. I seem to be losing hair in chunks at the moment. My hair is long enough to plait now, but I was kind of horrified when I plaited it the other day, since it’s at least half as thick as it used to be. Ugh. I don’t know, maybe when I go to the doctor next I’ll get a referral for the endocrinologist again and go back to her and see if I can sort out all my hormonal and metabolic shit. I think I went to her a few times in 2014 before that particular bout of horrible depression sent everything off the rails and I never went back. I should probably do that, and see if she can help me now that I’m not on the pill (the psychiatrist wanted me off it) and on so many other meds that I wasn’t on back then. I’m also finding it weird that my hair is so much curlier now – without all that extra hair to weigh it down it’s started having a party.

We cleaned up Jericho and Soren’s room today. Well, to be totally accurate Troy mostly cleaned up Jericho and Soren’s room with a little assistance from me and a little less assistance from the boys. We want to move in a small shelf unit that we’ve got out in the shed so that they have more room to put all their Schleichs and completed Lego sets when they’re not using them, so that they can bring them out on to the Lego table when they’re playing with them. Our original plan with the Lego table was that all Lego had to be either in the drawers or on the table, but with all the Lego sets they currently have, sitting them on top of the table doesn’t leave any room for further construction or play. Honestly, I’m kind of embarrassed at how much Lego the boys do have as I think it’s totally excessive, but it’s really all they want for Christmas and birthdays and there are two of them who have been receiving it for a couple of years. Imagine how much we’d have if Nicholai had been into it, yikes.

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