Thursday 7th January 2016

I forgot to take my medicine this morning, so I had a horrible day. It’s such a predictable thing – I get a headache, I get really shitty with everything and hate everything in the world including myself so I go and eat too much, then the floor starts lurching and the world starts spinning and I think to myself, “Oh, this is not normal…oh yeah.” By this point, of course the whole day is a write-off, even though I take my medicine it’s not going to kick in enough to settle me back to normal until several hours later.

Anyway. I’m doing some stranded knitting at the moment, and I’m kind of loving it. The only other time I’ve tried it was when I learned to do it so I could do a snowflake pattern on Luna’s sweater. Although the knitting itself was quite good then, I made a bad yarn choice and it didn’t really have the contrast to make it look great. This time I’m using dark green and white and it looks quite impressive. I love knitting things that look fancy, such as stranded knitting and cables – it’s so much easier to do than it looks, so the payoff is quite high for the effort involved.

Nicholai and Emma played Monopoly for a couple of hours today. By the time it was over Nicholai was bankrupt and Emma was fanning herself with $500 notes to keep cool, ha ha ha!


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