Tuesday 5th January 2016

The kids keep calling each other “cotton-headed ninnymuggins”. Good to see they’re still keeping the Elf Christmas spirit alive.

Soren had a play at his friend Billy’s house today. It’s probably the first time he’s really gone over to someone else’s house to play- for some reason he thought he had to be seven for this to happen, so he never really asked. Anyway, I drove him out there this morning. I was so jealous of their house! Big, new, farmhouse style, up on a hill in the middle of a paddock with pretty much 360 degree views, it was gorgeous. I’d love to live there! They brought Soren back in the afternoon and he’d had a good time – he told me he’d had tacos for lunch and he’d won at Monopoly and chess so he was quite pleased with himself.

The others spent the day at home. Jericho is having a lot of trouble settling down these holidays- he really seems to have trouble sorting himself out to do things on his own. He’s okay if Emma will play with him, but by himself he just mooches around, fighting with Nicholai a lot and whining. It’s frustrating, especially because I would have said he’s got quite a good imagination and is a creative person! I mean, he and Emma spent a couple of hours this morning making stop motion animations with his Lego that were awesome (my favourites were either the dancing Lego keyring or the motorcycle crash that ended in flames) and making time lapse films of Luna doing tricks. But as soon as Emma wants to do something on her own he just starts moaning. And he and Nicholai together…grrr.


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