Sunday 3rd January 2016

You know what I really hate? Kids’ shows on tv. I am FAR more irritated by the crap my kids watch on tv these days than I ever was by preschool shows. (Except possibly In the Night Garden, that drove me mad.)

We’re back home now. We drove back yesterday, on Soren’s birthday, which he wasn’t all that happy about. But honestly, he got to play at Nan and Pa’s house in the morning, watch a movie on the ipad while we drove, visit Benita and Cam and their kids and kittens, and also have some McDonalds. Not quite sure what he’s complaining about, honestly.

It was good to be back home though. Today was spent just messing about for most of the time, although we did take down the Christmas decorations and clean up the loungeroom. Troy goes back to work tomorrow, so I wanted the house back to normal so we can just settle down into a kind of holiday routine.

I spent a few hours on Ravelry today, looking up patterns and getting excited about knitting again. I’m still halfway through my cardigan and haven’t touched it in months, but I thought maybe I’d start something for Lee’s baby now instead. A baby item will be a quicker knit and hopefully I’ll get my crafting mojo back and can then tackle the rest of the cardigan before winter.


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