Friday 1st January 2016

Happy New Year!

I started the year off tired, which I hope doesn’t set the tone for the rest of it! But we were all driving down to Port Fairy today, to have lunch with Elle and her family since they are staying there on holidays, and I had to get up. Although when we were ready to leave Troy went out to the car and found that the battery was completely dead, so for a moment we thought we weren’t going anywhere. Racv to the rescue and we were at Port Fairy by lunchtime.

It was a good afternoon. The weather was so much nicer than the last couple of days have been and it was good to hang out while the kids all played with their cousins. Even without the hot weather the kids still had a water fight and all got completely drenched – I was glad we’d gone prepared with spare clothes.

It was Quinn’s birthday so we sang happy birthday to her, and since it’s Soren’s birthday tomorrow we sang happy birthday to him too. To think that tomorrow my Scooby baby is going to be seven just seems crazy.


One thought on “Friday 1st January 2016

  1. I hope Soren had a lovely birthday and the drive back went ok. Thank you so much for coming yesterday it was really lovely having you with is. Ps I keep thinking about your dental floss resolution… So funny!! Anyway have a great 2016, I love you and your family xoxo

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