Wednesday 30th December 2015

We’re still enjoying our holiday at Mum and Dad’s place. It’s wretchedly hot, but inside their house with the airconditioning on it’s not too miserable.

Today was busier than most days here though. Troy and I went down the street this morning to go to the toy shop and look for a birthday present for Soren. We bought him the swamp police station Lego set but forgot to bring it with us, so we wanted to get something else so he would at least have something to open on the day. It was such a good toyshop actually! They had an awesome range of Lego, and it was quite tempting to buy him some more, but in the end we bought him a Schleich knight on a horse. It’s wearing red, so it will be on the other ‘team’ (as he says) to the blue knight he got from Troy’s parents for Christmas.

After the shopping, Troy dropped me off at the gardens so I could meet up with Cat. I was both really excited and quaking at the idea of this- we were such good friends in high school but that was twenty years ago, and goodness knows I’m more socially awkward now than I was then. But it all went fine, and I’m so glad she messaged me. Her baby was adorable and such a typical toddler, we ended up just following him around as he ran everywhere. I don’t think the visit was long enough- I keep thinking of things I wish I’d asked. I mean, twenty years…where do you even start to fill that gap in?

Troy and I took all the boys to the movies just after lunch, to see Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Emma didn’t want to see it so she stayed home. I’m still not entirely used to the idea of her being left home alone! But she’s so trustworthy, I’m honestly more comfortable with her at home alone than I am with Nicholai, even though he’s older. Not that Emma was on her own today, since Mum and Dad were here, but that wasn’t really the point. When they went out she decided she would go with them, and they went to the café and she had a milkshake, so I think she was quite pleased with her decision to skip the movie. The boys on the other hand were all thrilled with their choice to GO to the movie, even Troy. It was full of explosions and robots and space flights and aliens, so I think it was pretty much what everyone was expecting. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan by any means, but I thought it was pretty good.

Lee and Mutari and the kids came over for tea tonight. We had fish and chips and all the kids played together, which was cute. Jericho wore the caftan and taught ‘wizard school’ to the other kids.

It was a dismal end to the day though. Emma had a bit of a breakdown and was sobbing once she’d gone to bed – she was upset about the way things ended with the other girls at school, now that she won’t see them again, and was blaming herself for it all. It seemed to come a little bit out of nowhere, but she’s probably just really tired after Christmas, and the heat wears everyone down. It’s hard though, because I can see how much she’s hurting over it, but there’s honestly nothing that she can do. She was a good person at school and was always open to being friends with the other girls, but if they weren’t interested in mending that relationship then she’s just out of luck. I just wish it could have been different. But there’s high school next year, and I’m sure my beautiful girl will find her feet there and find friends who appreciate her the way she is.

Unfortunately while Troy and I were in Emma’s room helping her feel better Soren starting crying in the next room! I went in to him and he was crying because he was sad that Emma was crying. Poor Scooby! It was so sweet though, Jericho had crawled over onto Soren’s bed from his bed and was patting his shoulder and trying to cheer him up. Once I’d hugged Soren and he’d stopped crying Jericho suggested both of them put their heads down at the end of the beds so that they would be close together and that way Soren wouldn’t need to be sad. It was so lovely, Jericho can be such a good big brother.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 30th December 2015

  1. Was fantastic to catch up Bec!! It’s hard to jam 20 years into a couple of hours LOL! Look forward to catching up again. It’s funny, but it kind of felt like no time had passed in terms of our ability to chat! I think it’s the movie stand by me that has the quote about “you never have friends like the friends you had when you were a kid” (total paraphrase) and whenever I see this movie I believe it to be true. Sending big love! Xx

    • That’s so true – there is definitely something about the friends you have when you’re going through all that teenage hormonal tempest. And I loved catching up with you! I’m totally serious, if you ever come to Melbourne we can meet up, or even if you and Leo just fancy a little holiday we’ll fit you in here at home!

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