Monday 28 December 2015

We drove up to Mum and Dad’s place today. Troy copied dvds onto the ipads and the tablet and so each other kids could watch their own movie on the way up with their headphones on. It was probably the most peaceful drive we’ve ever had.

Luna has been having some wildlife adventures since we’ve been here. She was barking like a maniac over by the lemon tree and when Troy finally went and looked she had found a big blue tongue lizard. It didn’t seem to want to move so I picked it up and we put it into the old picnic bucket. I think it’s probably not long for this world though – Luna didn’t touch it but it has some puncture wounds on its belly, a lump on its back, and it smells like it’s rotting. I am guessing it had a run in with a dog somewhere and has escaped to Mum and Dad’s backyard. We’ve given it water and if it’s still alive tomorrow I’ll see if it wants some food.

Her other adventure was with a huntsman spider, a very big one. It was hiding in the barbecue so dad flicked it out, and then Luna was barking and trying to pounce it as it stood under the bottom of the barbecue. I was sitting in a chair and watching and laughing when the spider started running towards me with Luna chasing it. I pulled my feet up onto the chair but then everyone started shouting at me that the spider was running up the leg of the chair so I had to just stand up on the seat and jump off so it wouldn’t get me. The spider was furious with Luna, it scuttled down off the chair and was then just standing still, its fangs wide apart and four of its legs waving madly and menacingly in the air. Luna kept barking at it, but she was certainly keeping her distance then! She can be such a funny dog sometimes.

The kids are all happy to be here. Jericho is being difficult, as always, but the others are okay. I don’t think we have any big plans while we’re here- just hanging out, maybe going to the movies or to the pool.


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