Saturday 26th December 2015

My purchasing disaster of wrong region dvds of The Walking Dead has been fixed- Troy ripped the dvds and then put them on a usb so we can watch them. Crisis averted.

Typical boxing day today. Packing up and throwing out wrapping paper and packaging for Troy and I; the kids veering between delight over playing with their Christmas gifts and horrible brattiness as they come down from the sugar and excitement high. At least today wasn’t too hot and tonight will be cool, so they’ll get a good night’s sleep and hopefully get onto a more even keel.

I vacuumed my room and cleaned off my dresser. I haven’t vacuumed in my room since I got really depressed, so it’s been…at least two months, maybe? There was an appalling layer of hair and cat fur and dustbunnies all over it anyway. Really, I’m lucky no one in this house has allergies or they would have ended up in the hospital.

Once my dresser was cleaned off I was able to set up the oil diffuser that Jean bought me for my birthday, and I love it. It plugs into the wall and turns itself off once the water has evaporated so I can just turn it on and forget about it, without risking either setting my room on fire or having that horrible burnt oil smell when I let it burn dry, which I inevitably seemed to do with tea light oil burners. It also changes colour, which seems a bit of unnecessary bling but whatever, I like it.

The joints in my fingers really hurt today. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been having trouble with my elbows and fingers again. The doctor told me it was arthritis, but isn’t arthritis supposed to be worse in the cold? I haven’t had hardly any issues with it all winter, but now that it’s hot it’s back.


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