Monday 21st December 2015

We’re into the school holidays now, and it’s not turning out to be a very easy transition – the boys are being completely feral. Emma was the only child who was nice to be around and she got invited on a sleepover with Charlotte and left!

I’ve written out a list of rules specific to the holidays and stuck it up on the pantry where everyone can see it. We discussed it all over tea, so they’re all very clear on what the rules mean and what they have to do, and I’m hoping that it cuts down a little bit on the nagging and whining. Fingers crossed! So here are the rules.

Don’t ask Mum what to do. If you ask, I’ll give you something to do.

-Don’t whine about food. You’ll get snacks at snack time and if you don’t like what the snack is you’re always welcome to go without.

-Put clothes you will wear again in your box. All other clothes straight in the washing basket.

-No electronics before lunch. After lunch, 3 poker chips each.

-TV and movies are for extra hot/rainy days.

-Don’t get involved in what doesn’t concern you.

-Be nice to each other!!!!

They’re pretty self explanatory really. The ‘don’t get involved’ one is because they are all too keen to leap into someone elses arguments or tattle for no reason or to chip in their unwanted two cents when Troy and I are talking to someone else! And the food…surely my kids aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with when their next food will come along and what it will be?

They’ll settle down into the holiday routine eventually. The start is always a bit rocky, they’re not used to filling in so much unstructured time after a year at school. And this year kind of sucks because they finished a whole week before Christmas – that’s a long time to be all keyed up and excited. We don’t have any plans until Christmas Eve with Troy’s family.


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