Friday 18th December 2015

Today marks the end of the school year for the kids. We were in the car driving home from school when I cracked and shouted at them- we are in for a loooong holiday if that keeps up.

The heat this week has been miserable, and the kids are all so tired. All the end of year things, the carols and the school picnic and the graduation dinner and all the cleaning up and changing of rooms at school has really wiped them out. I hate the heat too, so I can’t say I am any kind of role model of serenity.

It’s been fun though. The kids have enjoyed all the activities, and have eaten four million candy canes as it seems that most of the children giving out Christmas cards also give out candy too.

I taught yesterday, although not so much Indonesian was done. Instead of taking my first two classes I helped supervise house sports of soccer, t-ball and dodgeball. The preps and I played ‘doggy, doggy who’s got the bone?’ in Indonesian and then I had all the grade 1s and 2s together. We made Christmas cards and did Christmas-themed mazes and colour-by-numbers. The staff (what there was, several of them were at the funeral of a staff member’s mother) sang happy birthday to me at recess, which was nice. We had food too…always good! I would usually only have one class after recess, but because of the funeral and teachers changing rooms I helped supervise a movie/ reading time for most of the school and just ended up staying til lunchtime. By the time I’m gossiped at lunchtime and waited for Hayley to finish using my pens it was the last hour, and it hardly seemed worthwhile so I went to Emma’s classroom to see their dress up parade and share their party.

The kids were encouraged to dress up as anything relating to Christmas. Emma wore the hijab Alyssa wore as part of her school uniform in Indonesia (which I still have because of the Indonesian clothing unit), a long skirt and shirt and took along a baby doll so she went as Mary with her baby Jesus. She looked so sweet, and once she was at school she made some donkey ears and a tail from paper so that one of the girls who hadn’t dressed up could be her donkey.

That’s one thing that has made me kind of sad over this week- seeing the way that Emma really is often on the outer of the group of girls. I’ve always known that it was a bit like this, but it was just a little more obvious with all their photos and videos and reflections on the past year, as well as all the hugging and carrying on about people leaving. One on one she gets along with everyone and I know that most of them like her, but she’s just not anyone’s best friend and nor is she a firm part of any of the friendship groups and I think it bothers her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that she is strong in her own individualism and I love the way she is so thoughtful and creative. But I do hope that next year she finds the kind of friends that will see and love her for who she is.


One thought on “Friday 18th December 2015

  1. Reminds me of me at primary school, never quite belonged… My memory is of primary school being very lonely, guess I was a bit of an old soul… That all changed in secondary school though! Xx

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