Monday 14th December 2015

Christmas just keeps creeping closer. We had my family lunch yesterday, and then tonight we had the rescheduled school carols.

There were just so many babies yesterday! My kids are all big and lanky compared to their cousins, and seem so much older. Well, not Soren, but the others. Nicholai just tends to talk to the adults – he doesn’t seem to have many skills in relating to small children. Emma makes up for it though, she loves all her little girl cousins and the babies and seemed to spend most of her day on the playground with one or other of them. Jericho and Soren mostly played with each other- Soren is the same age as Kareem and Landon, but since they know each other they will gravitate towards each other and Soren goes with Jericho. They all have fun though, and they loved their Christmas presents. Jericho and Soren got the big pirate ship Lego set to share, and they think it’s just about the best present ever. Emma got a sewing kit to make a stuffed dog and then she and Nicholai got itunes gift cards. Nicholai has already used some of his (on additional stuff for one of the games he plays), and Emma is impatiently waiting for Troy to set her up with an Apple id on her computer so that she can buy some more music.

The school carols were good tonight. The weather was lovely, and the kids were so orderly and quick about everything that all their songs only took about forty-five minutes. It’s always good to see the kids (not just mine, but all the ones I teach) performing and doing something they really enjoy.


One thought on “Monday 14th December 2015

  1. how weird not seeing Nicholia’s picture in the carol photo’s because he is in HIGH SCHOO!!!!!! its funny how things plod along and then you realise again just how grown up they all are. It was so great to see you all, your kids are just fab!!! ( youll have to take a photo of the boys and the pirate ship, it looked amazing and Em’s dog when its sewn!!)
    Enjoy the last couple of days peace. I will give you a call before you go to Mum and Dads and I thought today I might even make a giant chocolate ripple cake for Quinns Bday cake???? I could cover it with berries and then we could sing happy birthday to Soren too?? Anyway ill talk to you soon.
    Love Elle xo

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